addicktedtoporn asked: Just a quick thanks for having such an amazing tumblr blog! Probably my favorite one so far! Keep up the awesome posts!

Thank you very much for the support. We truly appreciate it.


Great Facial on a Hot Asian Chick.


cumfacialextremist asked: Any idea on how to post vids without them being deleted?

As far as we know it can’t be done right now. You use to be able to up until Tumblr decided to sell to Yahoo then they started to delete all new adult video posts, you can post a link to an adult video from another adult site/host but that is pretty worthless since no one likes to click on a link that could have malware. In other words we are all stuck re-blogging the videos that were posted before they started to crack down on adult video posts.

yourblowjobprincess asked: heyy honeybunch, just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I have a pretty big facial fetish, and the stuff you post makes me pretty fucking wet. I don't usually send too many messages on tumblr, but just had to let you know. keep up the good work!

Thank you for the support, we are glad you like what we post and really glad it makes you wet :)


#EpicFacial - Smokin’ hot brunette receives a huge Peter North facial.


#EpicFacial - Brunette receives a HUGE FACIAL with glasses on.


#EpicFacial - Amazing Facial! Peter North shoots several thick loads on her face and hair.


#EpicFacial - Huge Facial on a Sexy Brunette


#EpicFacial - Beautiful brunette receives a Huge Facial in a hotel room on hidden camera.


#EpicFacial - AMAZING FACIAL! On a smokin’ hot blonde cougar with glasses. Trust me and just watch this fuckin video!




For inquiring minds

Love her whomever she is

This is just perfect. Every girlfriend should do this with their guy. Fuck.


Huge Facial Glazing for Nadia Moore

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